Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wildflower "collecting" with my camera at the Columbia Gorge

Unfortunately, I didn't get out my macro lens -- too tired.  Thus, my pictures aren't photographically interesting, just good memories of the amazing number of bloomers from a week ago last Monday.

At Saddle Mountain trailhead

Fringecup -- apparently fairies drink fringecup tea to help with their eyesight

Streamside bluebells

Streamside bluebells -- the zoomed out version

Woodland violets

Salmonberry blossoms

Vanilla leaf

Spent trillium

Smith's Fairybells

Not a flower, just an idea of how amazing the trail is

Native rose

Columbia River Gorge Scenic Hwy
Camas.  The Indians of the area used to eat the tubers of these like potatoes

The larkspur were going nuts

Closeup of Larkspur

Mmmm, dunno

More Fringecup.
 And Dalles Mountain, where the Balsmaroot were finishing

Balsamroot with Lupine.

The lupine were going nuts on the dry hillsides.
And Mt. Hood, still as lovely as ever.

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