Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fort Worden and Hurricane Ridge

...wherein I visit the location (Fort Worden) where Officer and a Gentleman was filmed....

We had a little break in the clouds and an ambition to visit Hurricane Ridge, so we got into the car and headed there.  From the million ways to get to the upper Olympic Penninsula, we chose to drive around Puget Sound to get there and to come back using one of the many possible ferries.  Here are a few shots from the day.

I am so very glad that Galloping Gerdie is gone and replaced by a decent bridge....but I still have bridgeophobia after the seemingly minor incident that took out part of the I5 bridge over Skagit River.  I took a break from covering my eyes to snap this photo....and no, I wasn't driving so it was okay to cover my eyes ;-).

Tacoma Narrows Bridge, not quite as scary as its predecessor, Galloping Gerdie

And hello Bremerton. Still have the ships, I see.

Bremerton shipyard.

We were waiting for the weatherman's promised late afternoon clearing over Hurricane Ridge so we took a side trip to Port Townsend.  Hello Port Townsend.  The port that was also a fort.

Port Townsend ex-barracks that are vacation homes now

Gee, I wonder why all the gardens in Port Townsend have high fences.

Ye olde deer by the road shot.

If you ever get a hankering for forts, visit the Upper Olympic Peninsula.  Just about everything there is either a fort or a port.  This is a fort, Fort Worden, outside of PORT Townsend.  I took no pictures of the plentiful canons and other extraneous military paraphernalia there, only the view.   They also have a marine science center which could be fun too. The flowers in the foreground are the extremely fragrant yellow bush lupine.  And they were everywhere.  The air was full of their fragrance, wonderfully mixed with the salt air.    (Sadly I couldn't get my polarizer off my lens, so it semi-ruined the sky in these photos (the light and dark gradations).  Oh well, a reason to go back to Fort Worden, and reason to buy a filter wrench.)

Mmmm, the smell of bush lupines and salt air.

Of course, where does Darla want to go?  So of course we take her.

Darla and the water.  A match made in heaven.

But who could deny those pleading eyes? Seriously, could you say no? In the survival of the cutest spectrum, my Darla is a well-evolved specimen. 

Charming (the verb form of the word)

The lighthouse at Fort Worden.  I think I shot mostly sky because otherwise I would have had a chain link fence in the frame. However, for we on the wet-side, blue sky is such a wonderful thing.  I love the way the lighthouse looks like a miniature.  And see!  More of the fragrant yellow lupines. They were just everywhere.

Point Wilson Lighthouse, built in 1913.  And other stuff.

And then....Hurricane Ridge for ...uh clouds.  Okay, sort of kewl, but sort of sad that we left the gorgeous weather at Fort Worden for this.  Note to self:  Next time, do not believe the weather man over my own lyin' eyes.

Should be Hurricane Ridge, but clouds instead

Even the doe wondered why she believed the weather forecast.

But why, Mr. Clouds!?

Ahhh, family values, ma and baby having a little dinner together.  If you ever get a hankering for deer, a herd of them resides at the Hurricane Ridge visitor's center.  Can't bring your gun tho.  Sorry.

I loved how the fawn looked up occasionally to confirm that it was eating the right thing.

Part of the herd. We saw at least 15-20 and I'm sure there were more.  They're doing a nice job of keeping the lawn mowed.

Who needs Toro, when you have Deero?

The acting park police.

But yes, he does accept bribes.

This ma got a little aggressive with another deer that was trying to poach on her and the baby's lush grass.  Losing their winter coats, but still cute in a pathetic sort of way.

Rocking their grunge chic

Grass.  It's what's for dinner.
Yummers, me likes grass!

Hazy, but still pretty.

Socked in.

And still socked in.

Strait of Juan de Fuca

Drive, drive, drive.  And then on the Winslow ferry, heading home.  I feel like we chased and missed the weather AND the sunset.  Still, it was a peaceful trip.

The blue hour! It was about 9:30pm here!  I love the long days of June.

Seattle skyline

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wildflower "collecting" with my camera at the Columbia Gorge

Unfortunately, I didn't get out my macro lens -- too tired.  Thus, my pictures aren't photographically interesting, just good memories of the amazing number of bloomers from a week ago last Monday.

At Saddle Mountain trailhead

Fringecup -- apparently fairies drink fringecup tea to help with their eyesight

Streamside bluebells

Streamside bluebells -- the zoomed out version

Woodland violets

Salmonberry blossoms

Vanilla leaf

Spent trillium

Smith's Fairybells

Not a flower, just an idea of how amazing the trail is

Native rose

Columbia River Gorge Scenic Hwy
Camas.  The Indians of the area used to eat the tubers of these like potatoes

The larkspur were going nuts

Closeup of Larkspur

Mmmm, dunno

More Fringecup.
 And Dalles Mountain, where the Balsmaroot were finishing

Balsamroot with Lupine.

The lupine were going nuts on the dry hillsides.
And Mt. Hood, still as lovely as ever.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother's Day card from my dog ;-)

Yes, I get one every year.   Of course, my dear SO helps a little. Here's this year's.

Do you know how much I love you Momma?  I would cross the biggest rivers!

Mississippi River

Columbia River

Swim Across great lakes!
Lake Superior

Lake Michigan ...or Superior

Lake Superior Again

And of course, the post-lake sand roll
 And small but great lakes!

Wonderful lodge at Claytor Lake State Park in Virgina
 All just to be with you!

I would protect you from Prairie dogs!

Prairie Dog town at Badlands National Park
 Wild Boar!!!!!  No, really, Alan heard them too!
(Uh-huh ;-).
Campground at Pike's Peak State Park
 Ants!  Oh man, long story
A state park in the Appalachians...Ants?  Long story
The Amish Mafia!

A not-so-mafia Amish horse and cart in Minnesota
 Scary Elevators!
"Scary elevator" at Drury Inn in Findlay, OH-->flag capital of the world BTW
 And wait patiently for you to take pictures, HA!
Porcupine Mountains in Michigan

And at the end of the day, take my place by your side....ahhhh, my sweet girl
Little motel where we stayed in upper Michigan.
 Thank you for being my Momma!  Love, your Girrrrrrrrl

Darla, Claytor Lake house again
P.S.  Do you have any treats?