Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wildflower "collecting" with my camera at the Columbia Gorge

Unfortunately, I didn't get out my macro lens -- too tired.  Thus, my pictures aren't photographically interesting, just good memories of the amazing number of bloomers from a week ago last Monday.

At Saddle Mountain trailhead

Fringecup -- apparently fairies drink fringecup tea to help with their eyesight

Streamside bluebells

Streamside bluebells -- the zoomed out version

Woodland violets

Salmonberry blossoms

Vanilla leaf

Spent trillium

Smith's Fairybells

Not a flower, just an idea of how amazing the trail is

Native rose

Columbia River Gorge Scenic Hwy
Camas.  The Indians of the area used to eat the tubers of these like potatoes

The larkspur were going nuts

Closeup of Larkspur

Mmmm, dunno

More Fringecup.
 And Dalles Mountain, where the Balsmaroot were finishing

Balsamroot with Lupine.

The lupine were going nuts on the dry hillsides.
And Mt. Hood, still as lovely as ever.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother's Day card from my dog ;-)

Yes, I get one every year.   Of course, my dear SO helps a little. Here's this year's.

Do you know how much I love you Momma?  I would cross the biggest rivers!

Mississippi River

Columbia River

Swim Across great lakes!
Lake Superior

Lake Michigan ...or Superior

Lake Superior Again

And of course, the post-lake sand roll
 And small but great lakes!

Wonderful lodge at Claytor Lake State Park in Virgina
 All just to be with you!

I would protect you from Prairie dogs!

Prairie Dog town at Badlands National Park
 Wild Boar!!!!!  No, really, Alan heard them too!
(Uh-huh ;-).
Campground at Pike's Peak State Park
 Ants!  Oh man, long story
A state park in the Appalachians...Ants?  Long story
The Amish Mafia!

A not-so-mafia Amish horse and cart in Minnesota
 Scary Elevators!
"Scary elevator" at Drury Inn in Findlay, OH-->flag capital of the world BTW
 And wait patiently for you to take pictures, HA!
Porcupine Mountains in Michigan

And at the end of the day, take my place by your side....ahhhh, my sweet girl
Little motel where we stayed in upper Michigan.
 Thank you for being my Momma!  Love, your Girrrrrrrrl

Darla, Claytor Lake house again
P.S.  Do you have any treats?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mama, are you listening now?

I lost my Mom when I was about 15 years old to suicide.  She was tortured for a very long time by depressive mental illness and it finally took her.  I understood, but it was plenty hard, especially since it left me for all intent and purpose, an orphan. My father was alive, but we weren't close. I had foster family who were very-very good to me, but it was never quite the same as having my own family.

I promised myself that one day I would publish -- somewhere -- this little bit of prose I wrote for her when I was 16.  I would send it as a letter to an editor or something.  I never did publish it, I guess due to fear of rejection.

Well I have a blog now, so I can publish anything I want!  That fact, along with having lost another dear person to suicide recently, led me to publish now. It helps that nobody except for the spambots reads my blog anyway, so I have privacy here ;-).

Happy Mother's Day, Mom, wherever you are in the great beyond.  This is for you.

Note that I never called her "Mama" in real life, only in this writing.  Chalk it up to teenage drama, I guess, LOL.

Mama, Are You Listening now?

(written December 15, 1979)

Me and my mom in 1965

Mama, are you listening now?
Thank you for creating me
I am not perfect
But you gave me a chance, Mama,
Are you listening now?
You put me together okay, Mama
You fed me and clothed me
And when I was hurt
You rocked me in your arms
And soothed my pain
And said "God bless your heart"
When you said that, Mama, I felt that God was really there.
Are you listening now?
The times I was happy
You were there, happy with me Mama
<snipped out a part that was just a little too teenage dramatic, LOL>
Are you listening now?
Mama, it took me awhile
But I've finally got it straight.
I know why you had to go.
But Remember, wherever I go, Mama
You'll always be with me
In a great big place in my heart.
And if you're listening now, Mama
I just want you to know
That I love you now, and I always will.
--teenage Teresa, 1979

Sending love your way.